Web Enabled

CoNXTroll3r - Turn your EV3 into a wireless rover

This project allows for remote control of an all-in-one EV3 rover. It acts as an on-brick web server, allowing you to see through an attached camera and drive it through the internet.

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Web based teleoperation software for the LEGO® Mindstorms® RCX

FaRCX is a complete rewrite of The Planetary Society’s Red Rover, Red Rover. The software aims to simulate the experience of operating a Mars rover over the internet using RCX.

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A web interface for turning on/off Christmas trees using the Dexter Industries dSwitch.

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Wiimote Controlled

Wiimote Controlled Rover

Drive your EV3 using a Nintendo Wiimote over bluetooth

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Wiimote controlled balancing bot

Control a gyroscopic two-wheel balancing robot with a Wiimote

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Other Mindstorms® Projects

EV3 controlled RCX bot

Control your 1990 something RCX using your 2013 EV3, taking advantage of the LEGO® IR tower drivers built into the standard Linux kernel.

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